Established in 2005, Multi Tech is well vested and competent in the areas of Electrical, Electronic Engineering, engineering design; project management; process and automations engineering; and systems integration & instrumentation engineering among others and ICT. Our teams work closely with their clients on each project to compile practical and cost effective engineering solutions and to ensure conformity to specific needs.
One of our trading lines is export market for local goods and import of scarce commodities for distribution to the local market. The Other line of trade is Holistic Engineering, Project Management, Training, R&D and Turnkey Manufacturing Plant Setup/ Configuration and Building.

1. Sourcing (Import and Export)
Multi Tech Engineering’s sourcing division has emerged as a one stop sourcing point through partnership agreement with many other manufacturing Industries in various international locations, as well as the wide range of products and services which gives us the edge to position ourselves as one of the leaders in the Country and in Africa.

2. Engineering and Others
Multi Tech Engineering’s engineering division offers wide and diverse range of engineering solutions to various companies and factories around the world.
From Turnkey Manufacturing plant setup and building, to Improving an existing factory to optimize and improve production. We secure excellent skills from our  local and international partners to ensure successful completion of each project when necessary.

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We are the creative INNOVATORS

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There are 3 types of students.
1)some make wonders happen
2)some watch wonders happen
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