The GPS Delivery Management System has been customised and developed by our R&D Team and our main suplier of GPS tracking units.

This system is designed to track the full route of delivery vehicles as well as parcels from collection to the delivery to the final destination.

This is the state of the art solution geared at effective delivery tracking and monitoring whilst eliminating operator/driver errors. This is achieved by automatically logging the coordinates of the location of delivery and collection of parcels, the date and time just by scanning a barcode.
Some of the many features include but not limited to the following:
• Ability for the driver to capture his/her comments before scanning the barcode.
• Ability to monitor the temperature and alert any abnormal readings.
• Ability to monitor the location of the delivery vehicles and route in real-time.
• Ability to send and receive text messages to and from the driver via the client software and he/she can reply to the messages via the dispatch screen.
• Ability to alert the center and the client station of an emergency
• Odo meter reading
• Management reports from client software

These are just some of the features of the system.
But the system is capable of doing most of the conventional tracking features and can be connected to many external devices like barcode scanner, RFID card reader, Camera, Temperature sensor, Fuel sensor,Keypad and dispatch screen. But only three of these devices at a time.

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