Energy Efficient Lights and Lamps.

LED Replacements for Fluorescence, Bulb, Street lights, Down lights, high bay and flood light, Vehicles & Autos etc.
We can also manufacture according to a requirement there by customizing to a specific purpose.(based on QTY)
Solar Charged incorporated LED lamp systems are also available.
Energy efficient Lamps can save you up to 70% off its old technology equivalent.
You will not loose your lighting quality.
In some cases, it actually improves the lighting quality by using the day light frequency version, which’s performance is comparable to the normal day light brightness.

A normal incandescence bulb which uses 60W of energy can be replaced with its equivalent EE Lamp with consumes only 6W. YES, it is. -90% energy reduction.
An energy saver equivalent is between 15-20W. So you still can save even on energy savers. YES, You save 14W. Which is more than 60% Reduction.

A four feet florescence tube consumes 36W and has a ballast of 36W consuming 10W, making a total consumption of 46W each.
A replacement Equivalent will consume only 20W. YES, a total savings of 26W on each tube.
This will give you more than 50% saving.
With the Energy efficient lamps the following reduction on energy are typical:
Street Lighting 70%
Incandescence 90%
Energy savers 60%
Florescence Tubes 50%
Down lights 65%

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