Under Home and Office Automations, we provide from simple access control systems to complex gated community access control and security management systems all as one integrated solution.
These solutions include but not limited to:

  • Networked CCTV cameras both wireless and wired systems.
  •  Smart Card systems for access control, Payment cards, Loyalty and bonus systems, Identification system, Traceability systems, Energy saving systems for lighting, etc as a single solution or all in one solution.
  • Cost effective communication systems and intercoms.
  • Intelligent Building management systems 
  •  Sound and lighting engineering solutions.
  • Car Park management systems. 
  •  Eco LED lighting systems.
  • Solar Energy systems. 
  •  Office or Community internet solutions. 
  •  IT equipment ranging from Personal Computers, fax machines, Printers, Servers, email systems, networking among others. 
  •  Specialized software development and general software provision.

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