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Our R&D Team have added value to some of these equipment to come up with Systems that addresses specific needs in the economy.

These include but not limited to our famous GPS Delivery Tracking Management System.


Vehicle Tracking and Management Systems

Vehicle tracking systems are becoming more sophisticated all the time. When they were first introduced, vehicle tracking systems did little more than display a vehicle position on a basic map so it could be monitored.
Some of the latest vehicle tracking systems can also do things such as:
•Vehicle position can be monitored in real time so a fleet manager can make up to the minute decisions about the movement of his fleet.
•Vehicle idle time and stop time can be monitored to check driver behaviour and improve efficiency.
•Speed of the vehicle can be monitored which can reduce fuel consumption.
•GPRS can be incorporated into the tracking device so it can constantly update all its information to a remote site. Eg. Odo meter reading, fuel level, speed, etc.
It’s easy to see why vehicle tracking systems have seen such popularity over the last few years. With all the additional features they offer, fleets which use tracking systems are likely to save a huge amount of money over the course of a calendar year.

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