• Distribution of imported and local equipments.
  • Equipment Assembly
  •  Export of local goods and equipment to other countries.
  • Engineering projects.
  • Technical and Engineering Consulting.
  • Management of Engineering Projects.
  • Solution of difficult technical problems in domain of expertise.
  • System integration, verification and validation.
  • Logical and systematic conversion of customer or product requirements into total systems solutions.


Project Areas.
Areas Include but not limited to: Banks, Universities, Schools, Hotels, shopping centres, Hospitals and High end offices and private homes, and Large Scale Farms.
Systems & Services:
1. Engineering Consulting. (Factory and Plant building, SHEF systems, Plant improvement, Production optimization, etc )
2. Engineering equipment sourcing and sales.
3. Machine building and customization.
4. Building automation and management systems.
5. Time and attendance and Access control systems.
6. Smartcard Security locks
7. Security Guard patrol monitoring systems and accessories
8. Biometric security systems with Time and attendance and payment systems;
9. Telecommunications & Networking
10. CCTV cameras and security systems with remote monitoring.
11. VOIP systems for free inter branch office telephone communication systems
12. Automated Energy Reduction-Saving Systems for Homes, offices, and industry
13. Smartcard Loyalty points system and Payment system.
14. Car parking guidance systems
15. Car parking payment systems
16. Mobile information gathering systems using Handheld Mini Computers. (Instant information update and checks from remote locations)
17. GPS tracking system for all type of vehicles. Including real time fuel consumption measurement
18. LED lighting with replacement equivalence to any existent lights.
19. Software and SCADA systems development
20. Solar systems for electrical power, water heating and irrigation.
21. Training on Health & Safety, Process improvement, Welding Technologies, and visual management strategies.

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